Simplicity is the unguilt of those who don’t enforce struggle. Guilt is for those who wish to make amends. Time, is of us all to draw motives and dictate our choices in this universe.

Long ago I was obsessed with a diagnostic consideration of myself. I sort out to shun myself from the world. All i thought about, was being alone.  Venturing this life quietly with no need of a hand from anyone. I don’t blame myself. At that time, everything seemed convincing. Enormous pain had been inflicted upon me, to an extent that reclusive exploration of this life i was left with, arose.

My guts were all set to that point of view, and I believed it was the remedy of my malady. My heart had been wrinkled due to its constant saddening. Due to its persisted wail, I could no longer submit it to the perverted hands. Those who seemed to care about themselves.
My decision wasn’t rational, neither abrupt.

I put into consideration that maybe I was naive. Or maybe, i was malevolent. But then, how could it be that I, wicked,  practise righteousness for the betterment in what we transversely shared?

The answer to that, gave me a perfect reason to believe that i was as clean as a whistle.
All this time, I had been the sacrificial lamb. I had been a ball, cast out to be kicked in the open. So I took my decisions by its feet, and made my way through the lonely life I was left with.
For long i have been still, experiencing the world that I had brought to life. I gave myself hope, that it was all to protect me. That it was all for the best, and in my control.
This deserted experience made me think a lot that I didn’t expect. My mind was not engaging in any sort of mental attachment, other than which i solely instructed. Thus, moments foregone surfaced, and I was glued to explore them. Despite of how hard I tried, I couldn’t detach myself from those sessions.

However, i made sense of what troubled me. The relation between life and moments. The relation between people and I.

Life is like the sea, forever changing its gushing, and bellowing. And us, like the fish, we are different. Equivalently, we are forever in motion and chaos. 

Instead of blaming and finding a source to condemn, proceed with your journey. Be in motion. When you stop in the midst just to whine and curse, then you are pruning yourself from progress.  The law of survival is that you should forever be in motion.

Guilt is for those who wish to make amends, but then, the past is gone, and the future is yet to be embraced.