Nicki Minaj is not just Nas queen, she is also
the queen of New York hip hop.
The Young Money rapper celebrated her 35th
birthday on Friday (Nov. 8, 2017) and her
rumored boyfriend Nas wished her a happy
birthday on Instagram. “Queens Get The MFkN
Money! Happy Birthday To The QUEEN OF NY /
HIP HOP [nickiminaj],” the NY rap legend
wrote on the Gram along with a photo of his
boo. This move sure send a lot of shots at
other female rappers from New York who
claimed the crowd including Lil Kim and Remy
New York has a rich hip hop history and is
widely regarded as the birthday of music’s
current dominant genre in the US. While some
rap fans may not agree with Nas, there are a
sizeable portion who agrees with him that
Nicki Minaj is the queen. The king and queen
title are always a hot button topic in hip hop
discussions and there are solid arguments for
and against Ms Minaj wearing the crown. “Nas
your great please please dont play yourself,”
one fan commented. She is not the Queen of
anything but Plastic she has done her part in
female rap but dont disrespect there’s only one
Queen and thats Queen B lil Kim.”
During the summer of this year, Nicki Minaj
was honored in Queens, NY where she
received the key to the borough. That helped
solidify her argument that she is at the helm
when it comes to female rap in NY. Nas and
Nicki sparked dating rumors earlier this year
following her bitter breakup with Meek Mill .
Neither of them has ever confirmed that they
are in a relationship but they have been
posting photos of each other and the “No
Frauds” rapper even supported the Illmatic MC
at his birthday party this year.