Sean Paul is making it clear that he is behind
Popcaan and Chi Ching Ching feud.
The Hotskull deejay signed Ching to his Unruly
label in 2015 after the two developed a close
friendship. This year their friendship turned
sour and we started seeing the “Roast or Fry
(Breadfruit)” deejay on tour around the world
with Sean Paul. Some dancehall fans think that
SP is behind the falling out, but now the
dancehall legend is setting the record straight.
Sean Paul said he went through the proper
channel to get Chi Ching Ching on his tour and
there is no bad blood between himself and the
Unruly camp. “His manager is Squidel which is
Popcaan brother,” SP said. “So basically I had

to talk to them… when me and Ching just a

reason about it and I said who book for you

because we want to bring you on these shows

and we went through the process and find out

and then we have meetings with everybody. It

wasn’t a big public thing, we just said yow let

us do this.”

Sean Paul added that Chi Ching Ching brought
a lot of energy to his tour and he likes that. He
also made it clear that he has nothing against
Popcaan. “I personally have met Popcaan one
or two times and I have nothing against the
youth,” he added. “I don’t suppose he has
anything against me, this is just a thing where
his career is in that direction.”
SP added that at this point in his career he is
only looking to help younger artists like Ching
elevate their careers on the global stage. Sean
Paul has over two decades in dancehall under
his belt and has been widely regarded
internationally as the king of the genre.