Ninjaman will know his fate this Friday.
The Don Gorgon will be back in court on
December 15th for his sentencing hearing. The
dancehall legend, whose real name is Desmond
Ballentine, his son Janiel, and his close friend
Dennis Clayton were found guilty of the
murder of Ricardo Johnson. The three men
were convicted by a seven-member jury on
November 20th in what was a stunning
development that sent shock-waves throughout
dancehall. All three men are facing life
imprisonment for the murder, but Ninjman has
indicated that he will likely file an appeal.
Ninjaman’s attorney is asking the judge to be
lenient in his sentencing while pointing to the
deejay’s charitable work in his community
over the years. Several ordinary citizens whom
he has helped in the past are also expected to
speak in court on his behalf. The prosecution
will likely recommend life without parole for
the murder, but it will be up to the judge to
make the final decision on his prison term. He
will be housed at the same Tower Street
prison, aka GP, as Vybz Kartel.
Ninjaman, 51, reacted to the murder conviction
outside of the Supreme Court building in
Kingston on the day he was found guilty.
“Don’t f*** with me Jamaica, I’ll be back!” he
said, while hinting that he will likely file an
appeal. According to authorities, Ninjaman
shot and killed Johnson, also known as Ricky
Trooper, on Marl Road, Kingston 13, in March
2009 following a domestic dispute. The deejay
says he is innocent, but several witnesses
including a man who is in witness protection,
testified that he was the one who pulled the
The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Paula
Llewellyn, says the killing was stemmed from a
fight between Dennis Clayton a friend of
Johnson over kitchen space . The unnamed man
who was involved in the fight says two shots
were fired at him but he manages to escape
and ran for his life.