My countdown is almost done, and yet, I have not accomplished much. But that’s normal; the need to perfect things even when time signals us the end, and mark a new beginning.

Time seems to have meaning when it comes to viability, and thus, I have learnt some harsh truth about myself; the truth about myself, that I tend to keep hidden. What i see fit to show off, doesn’t matter much  because I don’t care. I have lied about myself, and that, I can never ignore.
Unlike last year, I have grown sharper and become faster. My hands have seemed to grasp heavy things. And my mind, which is still obsessed with past, has been able to multitask.
I have failed to kill two birds with one stone. That I cannot hide. Luckily I’m not the only one who succumbed to that failure. Almost everyone is like me.

I’m victorious in dreaming, and planning. I have set out a path for the coming year. Not much, but I have prepared for the worst.
This year has not been much. A little different from the previous one with its consequences. My choices have been inspired with my need for growth, and maturity. I did seek love, but time put loads of responsibilities before me , which i couldn’t ignore.

I have given out all that i earned this year to the dream a favorable next year, and I don’t regret.

With no single doubt I wait to see the  coming year. I’m already armored. My feet are set on the gears, ready to accelerate through the next year.

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