I feel stirred up and ready to quench the thirst. I find myself steamed up, ready to comfort the soul. My mind may be ordinary, but my physical attributes are seductive. What’s inside doesn’t matter sometimes, because all is said by the outer structures.

My complexion may be dark, but not enough to cease light from getting in. 
Dark doesn’t utterly means evil. Just a little sparks greatness. In between the wrath of darkness, comes out a pure soul. An inspired greatness. I fit perfectly in this world.

Maybe i have some irregularities. Maybe i partly seem not to rhyme because I’m fond of being unique. I’m obsessed with uniqueness, so i show off to the lucky souls. I’m not much of attention, but once I’m in the open, i cant help it but hold my head high.
I can’t see the future.

I don’t know whats coming. That’s why i live in the moment, afraid of being cold. I plan for today, and tomorrow. The day after that, i wait. I hope that it will be sorted out. My life isn’t always in my hands. I’m not always contented with what i get, but that doesn’t unsettle me. I still reach out to what i believe.
I stretch out to the world as far as my feet can take me. My intuition takes lead, and my dreams follow. My story may not be interesting as that of Cinderella’s, but this is me being as clear as day. I have not rendered anything obscure. Pure honesty has been my modesty. Always.