People see what lies on the surface and not the depth. They don’t dig in deep to find what is beneath the ground. They just walk around to see what is above.  They are contented with the gesture articulated, and not the strength that it took to infuse wondrous will into action.

They ask you how you are doing because they expect a “fine” from you. When you tell them the opposite, some will just throw some sympathetic pieces of words and make their way. They never bother coming back to ask if all went all or you are  still lamenting in agony.

Here are questions for you, did you expect them to care so much? Did you expect them to trouble themselves with your troubles? If the answer is no, then you are safe. But if the answer is yes, then please be keen to what I have for you.

Their hearts are  filled with whats theirs. They have additional space,  but it’s not for you. It’s for their own self the other version of themselves.They have much to worry about themselves. We all have plenty to worry about ourselves since we all go through  some stuff in this life.

We all go through problems. It’s not like wrath is only unleashed unto you. It’s not like the waves of life hit you brutally only on your end. Everyone gets to experience the cruelty of life. We are all victims of this life that seems to have fluctuating vicious intentions towards us. We truly cant reason why it happens anyway. That’s why we blame. That’s why culpability tends to spike within us.

You don’t have to curse them because they don’t seem to care. You never know whats inside their head. They too, might have some unspeakable torments within or even worse. Everyone has their path, fortunately and unfortunately, we all cross paths at some point. They intersect eventually.
They tend to meet either peacefully or chaotically. Sometimes happiness and love fills the intersection, whereas other times its only pain and hatred.

That’s just life with its unending strangeness.

So instead of giving a hoot and hell about what  they should have done and putting the blame on them, pick up your pieces and think about how you can remedy yourself from being hell’s captive.The damnation that has evented upon you is not a cross for other people to carry. Its yours and yours alone to bear. 

Of course you’ll need help from other people, you’ll need motivation and consolation. Of course you’ll need therapy and all the help you can get to free yourself from the damnation. But if they seem not to care even when you have told them whats going on, or you going through hell manifests itself in the open that they can witness for themselves, don’t blame them when they don’t bother try to bandage you.

Don’t bother at all, because for sure you don’t know whats in their plate.  When you blame them, you just find solace in what troubles you, and not the remedy that you really need. 

Energize yourself to make things right for yourself without blaming others, even if they truly deserve the blame