If our success is compared to those who looked down on us, then it’s not success, but excel.

We have all been through some rough patch trying to figure out how to break through. Its our desire that we get to a certain point in life where we would comfortably, and satisfactorily say, “at last.” 

We fight through determination and hard work to enjoy the fruits of our labour extravagantly. That’s the ambition of every soul. Since the beginning of time, we have had this undeniable affection  towards success. 

Some of us have been prosperous, wielding the chains of supply. And there are others, those who scrub the scraps of their dreams, have been accompanied by misfortune. They still struggle to sharpen the tips of their swords, to take a stab at success once more.
But that’s life, its wavering habit. We can’t possibly have a say in that, it’s already a play in action. All we are left with is to watch, and applaud when its hilarious.

Most of us compare and contrast almost every bit of ourselves to others.

We find solace in those lesser than us, and admire those who we wish to be alike with. 

There is no peculiarity about it. In fact, that’s the reasonable motivation towards growth. That’s what fuels us towards success.

When we start from the scratch, the presence of those who look down on us is inescapable. They are people who evidently think they are superior, and they are fond of looking at one’s nose when they are struggling to withdraw from inferiority.
It pains when you are trying to flee from being ordinary to be extraordinary, and yet someone disapproves that. I fail to understand that part though.

Is it a reflexive reaction from the green-eyed monsters, or people who are afraid of competition?

I think they are alarmed when they see you fighting beneath to achieve greatness, because it unsettles them that you will no longer be their inferior. It disturbs them that they will no longer suffocate you with inferiority,  that you might surpass them and become superior. They are afraid they wont have no one to laugh at.

That shouldn’t dishearten you. Neither should it be the reason to forgo your dreams. Never refrain from success on account of insolence.
On the other hand, when you succeed, live up fully to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Rejoice in that moment because its your dream come true. All that your hard work merited was success. And now that you have got it, indulge yourself with it positively.
Don’t go out there to those who insulted your state of inferiority and do the same. “Kiss my ass pal.” “You are in deep shit.”
They need not to know how great you are. Or how you made it. They were your stepping stone – it was their insults that fueled your success. Don’t go back at them to show off and give  shame them, ‘ i have made it bruh, it’s now your turn  to face my wrath.”
Let them go. Let them find out by themselves that you actually made it. Let them stay with their perverted ways.

Success is not only through hard work and determination, but also discipline. Contrary to you, those who looked down on you lacked discipline. It is the shield that you used to turn their discouragement into encouragement. Success is great to those who are disciplined. Those  who are humane. 

When you get back at them trying to prove them wrong, then you did not succeed. You just excelled. You just became the better  version of them, depleted of discipline.