It’s with no doubt gospel musician Daniel Kilonzo aka DK kwenye beat hasn’t been spared abit by Kenyans who have pulled a stunt over his ‘public opinion’ and made it a social media subject .

With many creative social media users posing crazy quiz’s like ‘utazaa lini? ‘ and ‘Dk atazaa matwins’. The musician who hasn’t delve on the topic for a while , with all indication written on the wall , might be making a revisit to the topic that many have used in making fun of him , through a post in his handle Dk revealed plans of releasing a song addressing the same, dubbed KIJANA WA KAYOLE , written by fellow musicians Moji Short Baba who also in a different post admitted to have enjoyed him self while scripting the song

I had fun writing this song @Dk kwenye beat.” Wrote Moji.

Dk cited that the sole reason of him doing the song was to inspire people out there who are under going bullying because of their body shape and size , further stating that negative critiszim nearly made him quit social media but he opted to fight along and express his pride in his body .

” The tongue has no bone but it is strong enough to break a heart .social media is a hostile path to walk on , especially when you are not perfectly created or have a body like mine , i won’t quit social media as I had intended , I will instead share my story to inspire another .” Wrote Dk who isn’t new to controversies , the musician hit the interwebs early last year with his funny new look on grills and his funny use of slang

During the premier of his new song ‘BABA YAO’ that he featured Masterpiece that left many Kenyans questioning his Christianity , prompting him to reform and offer apology to his fans during the release of the KWA YESU SAWA.


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