Fast rising musical duo of Ndanah Miqassa and spizzo have unleashed scathing attacks at fellow musicians for copy pasting their song.

The two accused Otile brown and Timmy t dat of turning down their request of working on a collabo after sampling the songs of the duo,only to release a similar song dubbed WEMBE from Ndanah and spizzo’ s WENGE , under the same producer and video director .

Speaking recently during the release of their new song LOLO that they have featured Rwanda’s Bruce Melodie , Ndanah and Spizzo ruled out on any plans of holding talks to settle the issue stating that being Hip hop artists they won’t stoop any low to have a chat with people who steal their content adding they have no grudge with either Otile Brown or Timmy T dat since their religion doesn’t allow .

” Hatuwezi waongelesha sababu musically mimi ,I am a hip hop artist nafanya afro fusion music ,hip hop iko Na rules tano mojawapo ikiwa ni majigambo Na maringo , siwezi ongea Na mtu anaiba content yetu .Tulimwomba collabo Otile Brown akatuitisha 200 k akaitisha tumtumie samples za nyimbo zetu tukamtumia WENGE Na KIDEGE after two weeks later WEMBE inatokea.” Said an agitated Ndanah and spizzo .

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