By Dama Dee.

Apparently being a youth has proven to be torture in kenya, this is due to the rise of falling businesses and mediocre leadership which lead to joblessness. we have seen companies such as panpaper fall leading to retrenchments. Some of the people ended up dying due to this frustration.

Basicaly all the industries in the western region have fallen meaning the luhya fraternity will now suffer and have nothing much to be proud of. All the sugar factories are falling, from Mumias to Nzoia.

Moving to the lake side we spot hyacinth all over the place and it is sad to note that boat riders have lost their jobs. Our fish on the other hand are slowly reducing in number. The question remains, what is the government doing about it?

Most supermarkets are closing down and people wondering what to do with themselves after they are laid off. Uchumi and Nakumat carried a large number of youths who are now clearly at home wasting their lives away.

As the youth suffer in silence, the lovely leaders they chose to represent them in the government are busy stuffing public funds into their personal accounts and threatening journalists not to report the truth about them. Later on when the youth turn into robbers, who is it to blame? They were left with no other choice. Are you a proud kenyan youth? 

That is my question to all the kenyan youth out there.


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