Drake has surpassed 6 billion streams in one year for a second
straight year as rap music continues to dominate mainstream music.
For the second year in a row Drake was the most streamed artist on
the planet across all genre, and for the second straight year, he hit
the 6 billion milestone. Drizzy is currently the only artist in the
world to ever surpassed 6 billion streams in one year and he did it
twice already, Variety reported. The only other artist who got close to
the Toronto rapper’s numbers is Future who racked up 4.2 billion
streams last year, a clear sign that hip hop world dominance is
showing no signs of slowing down.
Music streaming has been seeing a massive growth with twice as
many streams on any given day last year, 1.67 billion stream per day,
when compares to 2016 which was averaging around 560 million daily
streams. Streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify continues to
see massive growth in the number of paid subscribers as fans move
away from buying and downloading songs to just streaming them via
their smartphones and other compatible devices.
There is still a bit of a fuzzy area when it comes to the reporting on
Drake’s streaming numbers since Spotify announced last month that
Ed Sheeran racked up 6.3 billion streams on the platform last year.
We also know that Sheeran had the most streamed album with his LP
Divide picking up 2,645,600 equivalent units. Not surprisingly, Luis
Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” was the most streamed song
of the year with over 1 billion streams with Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of
You” being the second most streamed song when it picked up 979.3
million listens.
Last month, Apple Music reported that Drake’s playlist, More Life ,
was the most streamed album in 2017 on their platform, followed by
Ed Sheeran’s Divide.
We also take a look at the makeup of Hip-Hop/R&B songs on the
streaming charts and found out that 50% of the top 1,000 most
streamed songs of the year was in the urban category. Hip-Hop/Rap
made up 20.9% of the total streams last year making it the most
listened to genre.

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