the Scratch Master turning the game around! DJ TREVOR!

1.Who is DJ Trevor?
1.My real name is Samwel, also known as Dj Trevor others call me the
scratch master

2.When did you realise you had the passion for deejaying?
2.I started Deejaying  back in high school around the year 2012 when I
was in form 3

 3. What really sparked your interest in deejaying?

3.I remember i used to attend shows by the likes of Dj Kalonje just to
go to enjoy the event and i’d love the DJs skills & work, from there I
eventually got the  interest

4. How was your training in the craft of deejaying?
4.The training was quite hard like sometimes you would forget a taught
technique by your tutor and then you would have to take it back from
the start but I thank God everything went successful and I do thank my
Tutor Dj sail of Nextcity Dj Academy

5. Whom do you look up to for motivation & inspiration?
5.I look up to Dj Mo of crossover 101 and Dj Gee gee on Kubamba citizen tv
6. What challenges have you faced breaking through into the industry?
6. OK, the challenges have face are quite many but I can’t address
them all first challenge is, like you might go for a show and the
dishonest promoters tries to shortchange you so at the end you gain
northing, or perhaps you are searching for job all over the clubs &
other media but there arent much opportunities

7. What’s is your most preffered genre of music?
7.I mix a wide Genre range but I love hip hop, Dancehall, House music
among others

8. Do you think Kenyan deejays are doing enough in promoting Kenyan
locally and internationally?
8. Personally but I do support good music it doesn’t matter genre or either you are
a star or upcoming once music is good & quality all support you by
giving them airplay

9. Where do aspire to be career wise in the next three years?
9.My expectations in coming three year I now all be far due to my
hardworking being simple praying & being  humble

10. What should be done to grow the music industry in kenya from your
perspective as a dj?
10.As Kenyan DJs we should first support our home talent by giving
them airplays interview events among others

11.How can fans reach out or connect with you on social media?
11.Ok you can follow me on Twitter @DjTrevor5 on IG @Dj Trevor the
scratch master like my Facebook page @Deejay Trevor the scratch master
for booking you call call me on 0795270516/

12. What’s your advise for aspiring deejays seeking to shine & impact
the industry too?
12.My advice to a spring DJs is that be your own do your things on
your own and always stay positive their are so many haters in this
game but never mind them always stay in a positive life it doesn’t
matter where you come from your hard work & prayers will take you far

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