The break up of one of the most celebrated and award winning gospel group kelele takatifu has continued to unravel puzzles . Each day break forth news on the reason behind their separation.

The group that comprised of Didi Man and Moji Short Baba announced plans for venturing into solo career late last year in a bid of testing individual strengths ,something that many still question .
But as the group continue to stand their ground , various sources have maintained their jab on the group claiming that Kelele Takatifu broke because of monetary issues something that Didi found hard time in countering during his recent media tour for his latest music release dubbed ‘SALUTI’ .

Didi refuted the claims terming them as being taken out of proportion , arguing that never did he misuse the group finances further adding that there isn’t any rift between him and Moji as being purported by the interwebs.

Moji is my best friend,there is no grudge between us .” Said Didi.

Didi Man


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