How many times do you wake up to find things already set play for you to rhyme and follow the melody? How many times do you wake up and find a sequence set in motion, and a path that is cleaned and paved for your journey?
Probably most of the times.
It feels like you are falling into a turn of events with nothing to dispute, and nothing to trade for your distinguished needs, desires, choices and paths.
It feels like walking into a vigorous and spontaneous course and effect of the universe to which you become the recipient of the anonymous impacts.

Most times we wake up and see the world as a tiny ball. So small that we can spin as hard as we like. In these particular times, the world not only feels small by the grasp of our hands, but so small that it suffocates us. So small that breathing becomes cumbersome and gruesome.
It feels like we are being pushed at its center, stripped off our strength to shape the day, and the will to continue. We become aliens – wanderers who lack hint where they are headed to. Its like the bullseye, we never hit the black spot.

How many times do you spend some time ruminating on the bed, or on your favorite sofa drinking some hot tea?
How many times do you meditate and pray?
Probably once or twice. Or conceivably never.
We are so much preoccupied with what we don’t get. We are forever buried into constant wailing as to why the universe is so unfair and cruel to us. We brood into what wasn’t answered in our prayers, or what we apparently unflagging pursued.
How unfortunate we find ourselves.

If only you find peace in the good that happens to you, and attempt to settle with the potential of what lies in your hands, then and only then you will wake up ready to clothe the naked day. And if it’s already dressed, you will redress it with style and match it in fashion.
If only you accept that not all your wishes will be granted, and not all your struggles will pay handsomely, then you will find the universe challenging you to a greater path. You will find the universe seeking to know your strength and wits. And not drowning you to its unending agonizing torture.

Self-awareness and self-realization is not only for growth and development, but also for inspiration and motivation. These tools when put into use, they carve the mind into a desirable magnet to which only the positives thoughts are drawn in and put into consideration.

Here is a hint; life is unfair while we care, and we have only once chance to prove if we really do.
So before you wake up, find out if you had slept while there were unfinished business, and if yes, then see if they are worthy of completion, and how.
Contemplate how you are going to fit in the day, and lastly, plan. It doesn’t matter what the universe already set in motion, as long as you are impelled with self-awareness, and kindled to be great.

When you have the perfect morning-glory, then you will be venerated as the being  most likely to succeed in peace through the day.

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