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Unfortunately, I’m too late for this since most people have already set their resolutions and began working on them. Anyway, better late than never.

Most people say a new year goes with new things, hence the need of resolutions. It’s not wrong. It’s good to formulate steps and have an idea of what and who you wish to transform to, or accomplish for that matter. Most people have made resolutions for this year; physical, emotional and spiritual. Or maybe at work, school, and sports.

Most people have highlighted the steps to which they prefer worthwhile to trek through this year. Its good, and highly recommended. Resolutions act as our guidelines and goals to which we are supposed to fulfill, or maintain. They motivate us and set up a new version of ourselves in what we do.

Here is the thing though, resolutions can’t be set out of the blue. Yeah, its right to aim for the stars so that you can fall on the sky, but, what if you can’t fly? What if you can’t sky dive or you lack a parachute to help you? You will patently fall back to the ground with a great crash.

The most salient thing people fail to overlook when making resolutions, is themselves. You matter. You are the dominant feature, and that should be the first thing that comes in your mind before embarking on making a resolution.

Putting yourself first isn’t caring about your innermost needs and dreams, but also knowing what you are capable of, and what you are not. You should know how adept you are. Your limits and boundaries should not be queer to you. They are intended to be at your fingertips.

When you set resolutions for yourself, the vulnerability within you and the boundaries that have held you within, should be comprehensible. Knowing where you lie, and relating it to the place you want to be, is paramount.

Resolutions are goals in which you aspire to procure. They should be down to earth, and not precipitate through their course of endeavoring. When inconvenient resolutions are set destitute of taking yourself into consideration, then its odds-on that they will not be fulfilled. Knowing yourself by putting your overriding needs and goals while bearing in mind the extent of your flaws and limits, helps in setting the rational resolutions, and execute them.

Pushing yourself too hard to what you cannot accomplish is heart breaking. It eats away the strength that should had been fueled in a more reasonable goal that is likely to be achieved.

Resolutions are not just goals to put on the calendar, but goals to be met for growth and development. Goals to celebrate their accomplishments through a reasonable execution. It doesn’t matter if you had already began the journey through the resolutions, if you don’t have a clear and conscious outlook to what you have set, then its unlikely for you to achieve your goals. Do not rush to what you know you are incapable of.

Knowing yourself is paramount. Exploring your limits through foreign standards and conditions isn’t wrong either, but if you want to succeed, then set reasonable standards and conditions to which you are sure you can handle with determination. Don’t throw yourself in deep waters yet you can’t swim.


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