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The sunset always fascinates me. It’s so warm and innocent. I like how the sun sinks as it spreads its colorful rays, mostly red and orange, but so beautiful anyhow. Slowly and evenly it matches with pride as it vanishes with worries of that day, or maybe not at that moment, or maybe never.

I watched its magnificent and natural beauty as i walked on the shores of the sea.
Alone and silent in the mind as i circumspectly witnessed its fairy farewell.
The thing i like about the sunset, is that it symbolizes the present which is almost gone, and that the future is yet to come. After it has watched the day, it sinks in abyss to present what it had seen to the gods of time, so that they can determine how they should push the wheels in the coming day.

So much of obsession,, right?

I’m fond of giving petty things meaning. Those that people find unmeaningful and do not impact in any way – so they say. Those that are thrown in the hollow dustbins at the back of their heads as they occupy themselves with big things that they tirelessly hope for their rewards. Those that seem so faint and pale, i hold on to them with the need of comprehension.

And that reminds me of a particular person who we met during the new year.
Everyone was celebrating as they carved and idealized their resolutions. We were all happy to have stepped in the remarkable new year which we all hoped to raise our bars and be more productive.
It was evening when the sun had already sunk deep within the hem of the sky as darkness covered the atmosphere with its tattered cloak.
The stars were twinkling faintly while the moon cast its light upon the heavy burdened ground which by that time, had almost everyone above as they walked, drove, danced, jumped, while others just stood.

My friends and i had gone to a restaurant so that we could begin the year with an awesome meal. We ate to our fill as we talked about how prepared we were for the year, and what we would want to accomplish.
Nothing was in my mind, other than the same prayer which i had in the previous years. All i wanted was to fly through 2018, and if couldn’t, then i would just walk and make it to 2019. That was all in my mind. There were no goals or resolutions.

“I want to make sure i propose to Dorothy this year. I don’t know when, but i will,” one of my friend said.
“I want to make sure i don’t drink alcohol this year. I wanna stay healthy and sober. I wanna feel myself for real this year,” another one said.

We all laughed at each others goals and resolutions. We laughed because we knew that the one who claimed he was going to marry, had repeated what he said the previous year bearing no fruits. In fact he was single at the moment after he was caught cheating with his girlfriend. We knew he was incapable of settling with one woman. Anyway, its great to set foreign goals to which we want them badly, even if we are having shortcomings at the moment.

As i said before, i met someone at that particular day. He was a short bald man with a mustache that resembled Leonardo DiCaprio’s. He wore a rugged coat and brown faded leather boots whose strings from where i was, were of uneven length.
I was in the bathroom when i met this guy.
Under his coat, though carefully wrapped around him to his neck , i could see a white cotton shirt. I watched the gentle man as he washed his hands. Slowly and carefully, he placed his fingers through the running water as he rubbed against his other fingers, making sure to get rid of the dirt and any germs that had occupied his precious skin. He seemed to be experienced at how he cleaned his hands. I guess he was a surgeon.

“What you looking at boy?” He asked me without turning his head around. He had finally realized how observant i was with his mechanism as he washed his hands. But how did he see me staring at him? I mean he never turned. I was embarrassed anyway. I felt so weird to have scrutinized him.

“I like the way you wash your hands,” i finally blurted out knowing that i had said the most embarrassing thing in this world.

“You kiddin’ me?” He asked, this time facing me with a slight smile that i could tell that he wanted to spread it wide across his cheeks, but found no point of it.

So you watch everyone who comes here and tell them that? You work here?
“No i just came with friends.”
“I know its super weird. Sorry i didn’t mean it in a bad way. I just thought you were so keen and professional,” i added.
“Ha!” Was all he said.
“Now listen to me boy, time is so precious for you to stand there and take a look at complete strangers who don’t fuck with you.” He then paused and made sure there was no running water from the tap.

“If you take time as a challenge boy, then every second will matter. Every decision that you make, every step that those feet of yours choose, will matter. But if you define time with the moments that you embrace, then it wont matter, because you’ll filter out the bad ones and hold on to the best to define you. With little knowledge of this world, trust me, the worst moments, those that suck and deprive us of light and only inflict pain, those matter because they most importantly define us. Every second, every step, every decision and choice, hold on tight. The sky is watching and the sun is witnessing. We’ll all pay boy, so don’t waste on some pathetic bullshit.”
He said and left.

I had not seen that one coming. Out of the blue, he had struck me like lightning. I’m not sure how long i froze at that particular position. It might be for ten minutes, or maybe more. I don’t know.
And that was it. I had happen to meet a stranger who gave me the most valuable lesson of life to take me through 2018.

As i walked on the shores, looking and searching through the sky as it took back what it owns;the sun, i sung a mantra in my mind.
” Every second, every choice, and every step, matters.”

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