Saturday, December 16, 2017

A New Beginning

My countdown is almost done, and yet, I have not accomplished much. But that's normal; the need to perfect things even when time signals us the end, and mark...

Don’t Blame Those Who Don’t Care

  People see what lies on the surface and not the depth. They don’t dig in deep to find what is beneath the ground. They just walk around to see...

Enemies Need Not To Know

If our success is compared to those who looked down on us, then it's not success, but excel. We have all been through some rough patch trying to figure out...

Kiambu MCAs force public and private companies to employ 70% locals

The Kiambu County Assembly has unanimously passed a motion compelling all public and private institutions as well as companies to employ 70% of their workforce from the local dominant community, failure to...

Zarina Hassan throws shade back at fans

Zarina Hassan is throwing shade back at fans who’ve been hating on her everyday selfie life. Many have been ranting and whining about how she ‘joy rides’ at work, saying that the...

Rayvanny amtema Bebi mama kisa Mzungu! 

Rayvanny azidi kutafuta kiki Marekani na warembo wa kizungu huku alimtosa mpenzi mzazi mwenzake Fahyma na mwanae..

Russell Simmons Lights Out On Twitter amidst new Wave Of Rape Allegations.

Russell Simmons deactivated his Twitter account amidst a new wave of rape allegations. The hip hop mogul is facing some strong accusations from four new women who claimed they experience sexual misconducts from him including...

Eminem Debut “REVIVAL” Album Featuring Beyonce & Ed Sheraan: LISTEN

Eminem debut his highly anticipated new album Revival amidst a premature leak. The album was leaked online on Wednesday and has been getting mixed reviews on Twitter. Some fans are weighing in on...

Stream Willy Paul – Tempted(official video)

Watch brand New video by Willy Paul "Tempted"

Willy Pozee [Tempted]- New music

Kazi mpya kutoka kwa mkali wa 'Jigi Jigi' imedondoka Leo. Msanii huyo ambaye amechukua tuzo mbili za msanii mwenye video kali na msanii bora mwenye ngoma kali 'Jigi Jigi' kwenye...

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