Saturday, December 16, 2017

Fortune from my X

A storry of a Guy who got his fortune from his x

Part 5: Bride on ‘Fire’

Mary was here not to break my heart, but to make peace. The worst news was that the next day was her wedding. All she needed was to make...

Part 4: The reconciliation

Read part 3 She broke into tears ……. the news I never wanted to hear, she started by telling me how she had missed me, how sorry she was, how...

Part 3 : She broke into tears

Part 2: Mary was now smiling at me silently. As the wise said “nothing more dangerous than a quiet smiling woman”. I remember the one plea that was in my...

Part 2: Meeting my X [The Gun]!!!

(Read Part 1 (call from my X)) At exactly 2:47 pm a Mercedes Benz KBC drove in my compound, my heart was now pumping almost 100 bits per minutes. I...

Fortune From My X

This is a story whose environment is based in Nairobi. The story covers a series of events that happened to the narrator within a short time, From May 9th 2017...

Part 1: A Call from my Ex-Girlfriend shocked me!!

Introduction; Fortune From My X> On Friday morning after I have seen off my wife who was traveling up country for one week, I decided to have a cup of...

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