Advice: Hiram’s Family Denies His Music Career Saying It’s Evil!


“Hello Mitego Sasa people, I’m Hiram Hyraxie a gospel artist Kenya.


I’m in a deep dilemma of my life and I wish you could help me a word of advice.


My family has had a tough fight against my music career and they term it as evil and don’t need me in the family since they are saying joining music industry will make me to join in evil deeds and become arrogant.


I have going through a hard life since when I was young after my mother died in year 1998 while I was only 6 years old.


I am the first born child in my family with two younger sisters and again I lost second sister in year 2007 and we were left only two of us. This made me mad but I don’t know what to do other than being prayerful.


I first got a watchman job after my schools when I got my first cash to record my first song named ‘Siwezi Sema, Si Mola, later did another song called Mi Nataka Wewe’.


Really my life is in big trouble since I cannot get anyone to support even my music career because my family rejects me because of music.


Chatuu kindly help me with Mitego Sasa people to shed light in my life as well as my music career which so far I have only a talent that can change many lives through my music.


Should I drop the music career to follow what my family says to me or I follow my talent and forget about what they say to me??”

Absolutely that the Letter received from Hiram Hyraxie a gospel artist and really wants your help or advice about his life situation is in currently.

What is your say about that??

Make sure you write down your comments below in comment section we help Hiram.

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Written by Antony Makenzi

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