Saafi Klarx Points Out The Hypocrisy In Kenyan Music Industry!

Why Do We Try To Mock God ?

Kenya is hot bed of talents and skillful  young men who are taking over the music industry.

In a conversation with one upcoming artist from Siaya county, Kenya, Mitego Sasa got an insight with that soon to be superstar.

Saafi Klarx yet to be an established Bongo Fleva musician, revealed out that he gets angry when he figures out the lack of creativity and innovation in Kenyan music industry for quite a long time.

With his ambition of bringing a new music style that will grab everyone’s attention, he made it clear that Kenya must be ready to face or adapt to his style.

“Actually I’m not pleased with kind of music that has been produced in Kenyan industry. I see guys lacking creativity on their songs and that really makes me angry.”  Added Saafi, “My Style is a bongo fleva but with hot ideas that will fuse on our Kenyan music genre styles” explain Saafi.

Having released some amazing music on YouTube, he also pointed out that many young talents are not yet discovered because of hypocrisy and lack of support in Music industry Kenya.

I find very young talents that are not yet unleashed but I’m not surprised since I understand the kind of relationship and treat in our Music Industry” said Saafi.

“I don’t understand why someone will pretend to be a gospel artist yet doing far different things in the ministry. Isn’t that an hypocrisy or mock to God?” Concluded Saafi Klarx.

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