Vote Beautiful Silva Julie Contests Miss Face Of Starbase Tv✅

Have you ever contested in an event and how was the experience?

Life is a real contest where we find ourselves competing with others in different fields for different reasons.

Some events we contest requires our intellectual wisdom or others basically need our physical beauty.

But at all levels of a contest the key thing examined is a inner abilities we got since we were born.

This time round a tough competition is on Starbase Tv. Five beautiful and intelligent ladies are challenging each other for who to become the face of the Starbase Tv eventually.

This event started on 5th of June and ends on 5th August.

One of a very competitive beautiful contestant goes by name,  Silva Julie a 18 year old high school, who is also the Miss Jumbo Kenya 1st runners up and also Miss Jumbo Bulimbo girls, Upcoming Curvy Model.

As beautiful as she is and having every reason to become the Miss Face Of Starbase Tv, Silva Julie had this to say to Mitego Sasa;

“I believe I deserve to be the Miss Face Star Base Tv because of my unique character from other candidates which is I’m a go getter, hardworking and above all most beautiful” concluded Silva Julie.

Would you mind to make her dreams come true, kindly follow this link below to the Instagram page and Like her Photo in code 004 to vote for her.

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Written by Antony Makenzi

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