Why Otile Brown Will Hate His Music Career!🀧

Otile Brown may not like it anymore since he faces a big music challenge.

Kenyan upcoming artists are really willing to take the ‘Game’ to higher levels.

Being a RnB musician, Otile Brown has dropped from the music chart gradually over shot period and probably he may not have the opportunity again to hit the industry like before. His chance may have been replaced and gap filled already..!

Meet the most upraising versatile singer who does both Zouk and Love Songs genres and fuses more music styles in his art.

Hamfre Brown is a Nairobi Kenya base contemporary urban artist and has so far managed to release several hit songs like ‘Tam Tam, Nothing At All, This Kind Of Love’ which is a cover song of Otile Brown’s latest music.

Being a diverse song writer has help him play a big role in the music industry Kenya. He has been doing well on his YouTube channel on views and Subscription from his loyal fans due to his big creativity.

Do you think Otile Brown can make it gain to the top of the music industry?

Here is a link to his YouTube channel. Click it and enjoy his music.

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Written by Antony Makenzi

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