The Fate Of Upcoming Artists Kenya 2021πŸŽ§πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

There is no more stress in making decisions on how to get a super music production studios.

It’s time for you as a main stream artist or even an upraising musician to settle down and have a perfect plan to making your goals real. Music production studios in Kenya have been growing with a fast pace making our country one of a few developed in terms of music and talent growth.

A new music label has been set up that gets most street ‘boys’ upcoming artists covered since it’s production is of a difference levels.

Ashioya CEO ‘Owa Entertainment’

‘OWA Entertainment’ is a new music studio label established on date 23 October 2020 by a one talented musician from Machakos county, Ashioya.

Ashioya actually is the CEO of the OWA ENTERTAINMENT located in Mlolongo Phase 3.

The production majors in Audio and Video production with super fair rates for all upraising musician as a support and as a way to give back to the community.

Label Logo

In a conversation with Ashioya, he put it clear that, “Owa Entertainment is a label for basically supporting our youths who got music talents out there in streets”.

He concluded with clarification of this unique label name, ‘Owa Entertainment’ whereby he said; “Owa Owana Wa Ashioya means Mtoto wa Ashioya” which actually was derived from his real father’s name Owana.

Below is a link of one of his music video;

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