This Kind Of Ladies Will Experience Hardships In Relationship πŸ™…πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

The world today is filled with many kinds of people especially women.

Today you find several ladies loitering around and jumping from one relationship to another.

It has become so obvious that, even men have taken the issue so lightly with less weight.

It’s because of the following reasons as to why several ladies will keep on hanging around with no man in a serious relationship.

  1. Ladies with ‘Big Mouths’
    Ladies with open mouth are bound to be in very serious lover relationship problems. Since several men like to have their secrets kept, many ladies with alot popping mouth can’t maintain a secret unrevealed.
  2. Those who like to spread their legs
    Relationships are collapsing every now and then just because of dishonest behaviours especially with ladies.
    Some are so horny that they can’t wait to get out of marriage to seek for ‘extra juice’ out there in the streets at night or even the so called ‘Mpango wa Kando’. These kind of ladies will find it hard to get married.
  3. Expensive Ladies
    There are some kind of ladies who pretend to be of high class since they have a nice job or even got a master degree in the university.
    With that altitude In mind, they tend to over power a man in a relationship hence control him plus all other matters in the relationship. Then, the man gets bored and let’s it go and moves on with a different woman.
  4. Those who seek for financial gains
    It’s has been discovered that in today’s relationship, money is everything.
    Women are falling in love so easy just because of love of money.
    But since her mind and heart doesn’t really need you, they quickly vanish out once their mission is completed. They like to posses expensive materials like vehicles, houses, bank account details more than they would say they want a baby.

5. Lazy Women
The world today has greatly changed. Every one is responsible for his or her life and if a woman is much lazy, she becomes a burden to the man.
Men, are also not willing to be responsible for any life of other different lazy ladies who spent have a future.

Are you among the said kind of women. Why?

What do you think?

Written by Antony Makenzi

Antony Makenzi is a content writer who has sharpened his skills and absorbed knowledge on Financial freedom, Wealth, Making Money Online and development of a mindset!

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