PD Smallz: “Fake Promoters And Scammers Are Biggest challenge To My Music” πŸ—‘οΈ

Kenya has got many potential talents untapped.

We have special talents that’s really needs to be considered and Promoted to gain access to the main stream media platforms for more publicity.

But talents are being wasted whereby fake promoters are chipping in as broker hence create a platform for cartels and scammers.

PD Smallz is a Kenyan born artist from streets of Gachororo in Juja.

He is well up coming music lover since at young age and grew up getting inspirations from superstars like Late Esser, Ukoo Flani, 2pac, Biggie among other celebrities.

PD Smallz

PD Smallz biggest challenges has ever encountered is being neglected by the Media and even Music Promoters, lack of studios to work with since he is a start up artist who needs to grow gradually.

This amazing young man has got inspiration of coming up with a super music production empire in order to help other marginalised upcoming talents to grow wide as far as music and talent is concerned.

“Have got lots of challenges in my music career of which most of them is lack of studio and Studio time, fake promoters, rejection from the media, hate from other artists and lack of access to promote my music globally” said PD Smallz in a conversation with Chatuu Wetuu East Africa Music Promoter.

Nevertheless, this young gentles has hopes that he will become the next Hip hop music superstar like Kalighraph Jones and more others.

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Here is a link to his great music on YouTube;

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Written by Antony Makenzi

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