Teunez Gang Hip Hop Beast Mode Vibe Out!πŸ’₯

Music has now become more simpler with aid of the so called music ‘gangs’!

Like in the past year music today has taken a different angle of elevation whereby several young men team up to form a complex music group they call a ‘gang’.

Teunez Gang

Teunez Gang a coast based music gang at Bamburi, Mombasa. This gang music group consists of four members named, Teunez Levy, Teunez Ricky, Teunez Lobo and Eastside 98.

Speaking to one of the group representative Levy, he made it clear that they major in Hip hop music and the instruments they normally use are originally made by their member, Eastside 98.

Here is a music link to their music dubbed ‘Beast Mode’, have an hear for it.

What do you think?

Written by Antony Makenzi

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