How did you come up with the unique stage name you have been using?

Many artists have got very funny stories relating how they came up with their current on stage names.

Mash Wonder

Mash Wonder is a Kenyan Reggae and Dancehall singer who reveals how he managed to have his name ‘Mash Wonder’.

“Mash is a slang meaning nailing a song or mixing up songs called mash up. I knew I could nail any song and make people wonder” he said Mash Wonder while on interview with Mitego Sasa.

He is a strong talented young man whose music talent traces way back to his childhood, he says he used to listen to a collection of reggae tapes at home which influenced him like the records of late Lucky Dube, Sean Paul songs and other relevant reggae icons.

Besides, Mash has got his two Afro Dancehall songs doing well on the internet and in the media. ‘Abang’ina’ which is his vernacular Dancehall hit song praises African Women.

“I have more single tracks but I have one collabo featuring J.I from Tanzania in a song called We Shall Win (Corona)” said Mash Wonder.

He currently works with Asali Fleva Productizzle

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