Ghost Forced This Young Man Sing! πŸ™ŠπŸ‘½

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God’s angels speaks directly to us via dreams and that’s very crucial to pay attention to dreams.

A multi talented young Kamba man has revealed to Mitego Sasa how he got a song in a dream from his late grandpa and he forced him to wake and record it.

Bobo Rider speaking to Mitego Sasa said, “Afew days ago I had this funny dream where I saw my grandpa singing a song which I memorised and ignored to record” said Bobo Rider adding that two days later his grandpa appeared to him again with a gloomy face and said to him never to ignore the song.

“I woke up sat in my home studio ‘Boom Studio’ and recorded the song.

The song is dubbed Maimu’ meaning ghosts which is his first kamba song.

Bobo Rider

Bobo Rider is true sensational dancehall artist with passion in his music.

He also got coming soon album titled ‘Mult Talented’ an album which proved his true music ability.

Here is his music in YouTube channel. Click and enjoy it.

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