“Young Artists Avoid These Media People Completely” 🏹

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Why don’t our own music grow to different levels despite the efforts rendered by our gifted artists?

The question must be pretty and clear. Talent is an ability to perform a particular task with great passion in it.

A very young Kenyan bongo fleva musician has experience the real challenge in our Kenyan music industry, though a new comer to the game.

Luminous Plat speaking to Mitego Sasa highlighted the reasons as to why young upcoming are stressed and suppressed in music industry Kenya.

On his opinion, Plat made it clear that as far as the industry has great experienced promoters and other relevant public figure like Deejays, TV and Radio Hosts, the greediness and selfishness has ruled the industry for a long time.

“I’m a new comer to the game since I started music last year 2020 but have so far spotted the problem with our industry. We don’t support our own talents but most of the stakeholders are just selfish with personal interests behind the music industry scene” said Plat.

This young man has so far released amazing work featuring young artists like ‘Siku Yangu’ ft Ngandai Boy, Diva featuring Sum Imani and other singles among them is ‘Niage Dunia, Majogoo, Sitaki’.

Luminous Plat

“For a young talent to nurture his or her talent and raise to the bars in the industry needs enough capital which most of us young artists we lack. We also lack the platforms to show case our talents to the fans since promoters are becoming mean and corrupt” concluded Luminous Plat.

Here is his YouTube channel link, follow and get his music.

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Written by Antony Makenzi

Antony Makenzi is a content writer who has sharpened his skills and absorbed knowledge on Financial freedom, Wealth, Making Money Online and development of a mindset!

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