RIP !The Cassette Pioneer Legend Ottens Dies! πŸ“€

The breaking news has it that the pioneer of Cassette and Radio Tapes dies at age of 94 years.

Lou Ottens while working at Philips company got an idea that has help millions of people to enjoy music and entertainment recorded in the cassettes.

He first cut a small piece of wood that fitted in his pocket hence he initiated the brilliant idea of making radio tapes. It’s believed that through his idea, Ottens has managed to sell more than 100 billion tapes since early 50’s century.

Lou Ottens

The radio cassettes has been used for over 50 years before the new era of CD, Memory card and Flash Disk without iPod, Mp3 Players or Bluetooth speakers. His great technology, Ottens has helped many people to enjoy life with his idea since cassettes has been used for recording more entertainment materials like music while for others has created a suitable business for the sales of the tapes.

Nevertheless, this legend also came up with Compact Disk or CD which also been sold out over 200 billion since it was discovered in 80’s era.

The legend is gone! Rip Lou Ottens.

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Written by Antony Makenzi

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