Rayvanny’s Kifo Condolences Song for Magufuli RIP

Rayvanny gets into his new music studio and records a tribute music for the late President.

Late Dr Joseph Pombe Magufuli

Following the death of Tanzanian president Dr Pombe Magufuli, many Tanzanian people and East Africa Community were left grieving for sudden death of that hero that occurred last night while receiving treatment for heart attack in Tanzania.

Rayvanny recording ‘Kifo’ song

Rayvanny who is great follower and friends with Pombe Magufuli, had to drop his new music dubbed ‘Kifo’ as a condolence message to his Tanzanian people and family of late Dr Pombe Magufuli.

Here is link to the video of the song he posted on his Instagram recorded in his new music studio, Next Level Music NLM.

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