American Artist Humiliates This Kenyan Upcoming Star! 😱

It’s so terrible to hear what an American based musician did to a young Kenyan artist.

Musicians tend to be somehow crazy and mad over petty details. They envy each other regardless of their geographical differences, race, color among others.

A Kenyan comedian and musician has reported to MITEGO SASA a case that made him to change even his stage names he used to love before.

Dan Keyz

Speaking to Mitego Sasa, Dan Keyz said that he got report from Fez Dan complaining that he had missed his stage names after this young Kenyan artist branded himself as Fess Dan in Kenya.

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The issue of the big American star made Kenyan young star to rebrand again to Dan Keyz just to avoid trouble with Fez Dan.

However, Dan Keyz has managed to release dope music with great collaboration from APK Dad and Dizzow Ke in a tracked dubbed ‘Mbogi Noma’.

He has also added that, Music production has become a big challenge to many young artists since they got no support from media, government or any good well-wishers.

“It has become a big discouragement to us young artists. We don’t get any support from our government or well-wishers in doing music and promotions” concluded Dan Keyz

Here is a link to his YouTube channel


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Written by Antony Makenzi

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