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Photos: Satan Shoes With Human Blood Sold Out!

It’s a world of change and transformation we are living today.

A very controversial news about Satan Shoes has been trending over the Internet that got the world shocked.

Satan Shoes Nike Trade Mark Infringement

American singer Little Nas aka Lil Nas X has released the Satan Shoes with real human blood in its soles.

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According to the news, Lil Nas is now been sued by Nike Company over their ‘Swood Nike Trade Mark’ infringement.

The Satan Shoes has used the Nike Trade Mark as well as the devil’s 666 Mark.
On the shoes a biblical verse from Luke 10:18 has been well written on the shoes. The verse from the Luke’s Gospel says; “I Watched Satan Drop From Heaven Like Lightening”.

Nike Company has denied to have collaborated with Lil Nas X and MSCHF company in the shoes designing or any kind of production. They claim that they have no relationship with MSCHF the ‘Brooklyn Art Collective Company’ nor Lil Nas hence they asked the court to stop sales of the Satan Shoes because of Nike Trade Mark Infringement claims.

Lil Nas X
The shoes have been sold out in a minute since they have been released. It’s said that six MSCHF employees blood has been mixed and used in the soles of the shoes.

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