Kwisha! Diamond Platnumz Starts New Life In Marriage! 😍

Diamond Platnumz Gets Back To ‘Old Zari Hassan’ The Boss Lady!

Why has he been playing around with so many ladies and hurting their feelings?

Diamond Platnumz during this holy month of Ramadan has been seen severally sharing some family photos in South Africa, where one of his family is.

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan

Recently the bongo fleva King had said that he will be in South Africa for almost a month preparing his new music album.

That has attracted mixed reactions since the start has been always posting many videos and photos of his ex wife’ Zari The Boss Lady whom they have a family of two kids together, ‘Tiffah and Prince Nillan’.

He posts regularly the photos having good times with his kids in his mansion house in South Africa, In Shopping Malls and Play Grounds all together.

Could Diamond Platnumz be ready to settle with Zari Hassan and start fresh life in marriage?

What do you think?

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