Unforgettable FA Cup Finals Leicester City Bombs Chelsea Live!⚽🀣

It will never be forgotten how Chelsea have been treated by Leicester City on FA Cup finals.

Tuchel’s enormous squad has been surprised and suppressed unexpectedly by Tielemans.

The only single goal that has thrown away the big dream of Chelsea’s fans winning FA cup this year 2021. The goal has been scored by Telemans on 63 minutes during the second half.
Final scores reads Chelsea 0- 1 Leicester City live at Wembley stadium.

Werner confirming which ball he was playing..πŸ˜‚

Now, with the FA cup scooped by Brendan Rodgers and his team Leicester city, team Tuchel has nothing to brag about only to wait to face Manchester City on UEFA Champions Final to be played on May 29 2021 at Estadio Do Dragao home for FC Porto.

Leicester City winners of FA Cup 2021

Will Chelsea win this UEFA champions title this year?

What do you think?

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