Photo: After Kabi Wa Jesus Accepted Child With Cousin, Here Is Sexy Photo Of His Lovely Wife! πŸ˜πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

Kenyan based YouTube Vlogger shares photo of his lovely wife.

Peter Kabi aka Kabi Wa Jesus is a professional photographer and videographer who has commercialized and capitalized on his talent and invested in it.

Kabi Wa Jesus

Kabi Wa Jesus recently accepted the fatherhood of his baby girl together with her alleged cousin Shiko.

Shiko alleged Kabi’s Cousin, Baby Abby and Kabi Wa Jesus

Kabi after DNA test the results came clear that he is the biological father to baby Abby who is now Seven years old.
Indeed, he made it clear that happened back in year 2013 when he was not saved.

Kabi on his Instagram account shered a cute beautiful photo of his lovely wife, Milly Wa Jesus. The two have been rocking the Internet with their loyal love that has caught many people’s attention.

The Wa Jesus family is estimated to have a net worth worthy USD $ 62.3K.

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