Dayna Nyange Sets Record As First East Africa Female Artist To Collabo With Davido! πŸ‘πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Ώ

Another East Africa musician taking the music game internationally recognized.

In a brief interview with MITEGO SASA blogs, this amazing bongo fleva female musician from Tanzania reveals juicy details for her music career.

Dayna Nyange has been in the music industry for quite long time and she know understand well the loopholes that can make or break her music journey.

Dayna Nyange has set a record as the only female artist from East Africa to have had a collabo with Davido from Nigeria. She revealed that she is currently in Nigeria for her EP dubbed ‘ELO‘ to be released on May 28th featuring Davido.

“EP Ni maandalizi ya mda mrefu
Na imenichukua mda sababu nilitaka kufanya mabadiliko kwenye muziki wangu
Niliujenga kuwa international zaidi” said Dayna Nyange.

She now set her focus on international music level to enable her create huge fan base and shows internationally in order to reach her fans across the world and make them enjoy her sweet music vibes.

She also revealed out how she ended up landing the collabo deal with Davido.

“Mimi na Davido tulikuwa na mawasiliano muda tu, tuliweka appointment tukaenda nyumbani kwake na management yangu, tukaongea, Na Akakubali na alifanya siku iyo iyo, kwa kuwa aliupenda sana wimbo” explained Dayna

Again, she made it clear that not only Davido, more sweet music collabos from Nigerian artists will be dropping soon after the ELO EP which already the song video is already done waiting the official release on Friday May 28th.

“Nafikili ni vema mziki wangu uongee, so watu wasubiri wimbo wangu EP
Ikitoka watapata majibu” she concluded Dayna Nyange

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