145 King Tension Over His New Club Banger Released! πŸ€ͺπŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

How do you feel when you are relaxed and enjoying listening to good music?

Always remember!

The beats, melodies and lyrics syncing to your nerves make the real life enjoyment and satisfaction to the soul.

145 King

Speaking to MITEGO SASA blogs, Ruiru Town based dancehall upraising musician said that many young artist finds music as a business to venture into and make a living out of it.

145 King said demanding music industry in Kenya and in the world needed dedicated artists to invest their time and resources in the music industry as a business.

“The new booming business in our country currently with many upcoming artists is music,it requires dedication and efforts to make it in the game” said 145 King.

The artist is gradually making his way to the demanding music industry with a hot vibe for Kenyan dancehall music.

With a good number of songs available on his YouTube channel, the 145 King is preparing to release his new club banger dubbed ‘Whinning School’.

“So, my fans let’s wait for the new club banger released called ‘Whinning School’ video soon.

Here is the link to his YouTube channel;

What do you think?

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