A Tomboy Kenyan Musician Rebrands! πŸ™ŠπŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

Why do people live a fake life pretending to be someone else? Or is it ok to fake life?

Many of the generation youths are into this habit of faking life to match someone else they admire.

On today Sunday morning, MITEGO SASA blogs brings to you an exclusive story about a Kenyan Upraising musician who has rebranded to reveal her real life and identify as a tomboy.

Skey Lucky Photos

In a conversation with Chatuu Wetuu East Africa Music Promoter, Afropop, RnB and Afro Dancehall singer Skey Lucky aka The Lioness has revealed why she has rebranded from last year 2020.

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“I was hiding the real me. I have rebranded from last year since I have been hiding from media about my real life as tommy that people didn’t know” she said.

The super upraising rapper has had tremendous efforts to her music journey since she has managed to record several hit songs like ‘Mshikilie, Perfect, My Life’ among others.

She added that her a true identity is a Tomboy and that has been her life since before. She has been a Tomboy since her childhood she loved boys lifestyle.

“That has always been me but due to fear and what every body and society expect from a female artist I had to dress feminine what people want to see impressing the eyes of people even though I was not ok” concluded Tomboy.

Search @skeylucky to get to interact with her live on her social media platforms.

Here is a link to her YouTube channel, enjoy her super rap music now.


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