Award Winning Tranzoia Gospel Artist Reveals This To Bahati And Willy Paul! πŸ™ŠπŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

Award Winning Tranzoia gospel artist reveals shocking details.

Speaking to MITEGO SASA blogs, Jastobless made it clear that despite winning amazing music awards like ‘Kegma, Injili Music Awards’ he has not yet received the honor he deserves in the music industry.

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Like other celebrity artists in the game likes of Willy Paul, Bahati whose their gospel music ministry has been hyped all over the social media and main stream media, Jastobless music hasn’t received well by the media though he tries his level best to push his music.

This Tranzoia gospel upraising musician has superb quality voice and amazing lyrics that flows not only on your ears but also into your bloodstream, veins and into the soul.

He revealed that, if not for some small challenges, he would be in different level in the music industry so far.

“My main challenge is the media support and lack of finance for my music career” said Jastobless.

He added that if he got a right team to work with in his music career, Bahati and Willy Paul could be no here to be seen or heard again.

“I love my music career and my fans enjoys my music and performance, I tell you for sure Willy Paul and Bahati could be on my back if I got a right team to work with..” concluded Jastobless.

He is now working on his new music album to be released soon..

Below is the link to his new music called ‘Nitangojea‘. Click to watch his video now.

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