The Kitui Eagle And Its Snake Safely Lands In Indonesia! πŸπŸ¦…

The Mwingi Central in Kitui county eagle that dropped a lethal snake which bite a man in a vehicle safely lands in Indonesia.

Last three days news came from Central Mwingi that a snake entered a vehicle through the window and bit a man in the vehicle.

The news had it that, an eagle had carried the snake as it’s pray but unlucky it dropped and landed on top of a moving vehicle then slipped through the window to and entered the vehicle passengers seat. The snake attached the man who was in the vehicle on his hand before he could stop the vehicle and rush out on the road to seek rescue.

The said eagle immediately dropped from above and picked it’s pray before hungry crowd gathered ready to kill the snake.

It’s now rumoured that the eagle and it’s snake have safely landed in Indonesia.

What do you think about that Eagle and the Snake?

What do you think?

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