Why The World Will Mourn Late TB Joshua (RIP) 😭

Hey, the world is in shock and mourning mood.

Africa and the world is mourning for the death of a controversial preacher from Lagos Nigeria.

Prophet Temitope Joshua death was reported last night on Saturday but the cause of his death is yet unrevealed.

It’s said that Preacher and Televangelist Emmanuel Joshua had just had a short live broadcast before his death happened. He said, ” Watch and Pray”.

  • Kenyan Artist Young Smart Gifts His Fans

    Seb-Rap Pioneer Artist Young Smart, has decided to gift his fans with free music which are mash-ups of the songs he grew up listening to, titled “Childhood Vibes – The Growing Up Series” on his website, ahead of his next release, which is scheduled for next week, September 29th, 2021

    The multi-talented rapper who also doubles up as singer, music producer, live instruments specialist, choreographer and DJ has made the announcement via a video teaser/trailer he has posted on his YouTube channel. The fans have to just visit his website and subscribe with thier name and email addresses. This will direct them to the free music, and they will in turn never miss out on future music releases from Young Smart.

    Young Smart’s gift is in audio form and a sequel to the release of the full project which will debut on September 29. The project is a follow up of his recently released ‘Love Album’ which produced positive reviews and charted on international playlists in countries such as UK and India.

    Watch the trailer on how to get the free music here:

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  • From Maua Meru To The World! πŸŒβœˆοΈπŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

    From Meru County is a young talented entertainer and a deejay.

    Speaking to MITEGO SASA blogs, Patrice The Prince made it clear that he is an English and Literature teacher by profession after studying Bachelor Of Education at Moi University.

    This young Kenyan entertainer has invested heavily in the entertainment industry. He is also an actor, spoken word artist, a good music dancer as well a famous deejay.

    At his young age, Prince has several projects he runs and also are available on his YouTube channel.

    Below is a link to his channel, click it now.

  • Meet The Number One Coast Upraising Female Musician! πŸ’ƒπŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

    Meet this amazing and first upraising contemporary artist in Kenya.

    Her passion, ethics and character is what defines her work.

    In in the game of music for some years, Queen Renee has faced several challenges and without give up she has persisted.

    “Queen Renee is my artistic name, My family full name is Irene Njeri Valier” she said while on interview with MITEGO SASA blogs.

    She is a Kenyan musician, a songwriter and a stage performing artist.

    “I started singing at my young age, my music career started in 2008” added Queen Renee.

    According to her she has worked with different recording labels and managed to release several music songs.

    Some of her sweet music is now available on all digital distribution platforms, courtesy of BORN STAR ROYALS.

    Here is a link to her YouTube channel, click it and enjoy her music vibe.

  • Stanley Komoras Roots For Peace In His Latest Patriotic Song.

    Kenyan Singer &Song writer Stanley Komoras has debuted his latest Swahili patriotic song titled ‘ Amani ‘ which translates to Peace aimed at preaching peace ahead of the coming general elections in 2022.

    Stanley Komoras who hails from Tana River Country started singing in Sunday school, and in high school, he was promoted to be the choirmaster in the Christian union, his passion for music since then has blossomed as he has been able to perform in both local and international hospitality events.

    Stanley’s music style comprises of vintage Soul music infused with the new contemporary music and his latest song
    Amani follows the Tourism entrepreneur who is also a father of two as he preaches peace, emphasizing on its importance and why we should always hold peace in high regard during and after elections for no person is greater than Kenya.

    The song is his latest addition to his 20 plus song collection which includes of spiritual educative & message themed songs, with the latest one being Jambo Jambo Kenya & Corona Hunaishinda which is performed in the historical Pokomo language where Kenya’s national anthem was derived from.

    Amani music video is set on the scenic beaches of the Indian Ocean premiered on Stanley Komoras YouTube channel which you can watch here.

  • Kenyan Afro Pop Artist Shaniah Bito Drops A Romantic Song.

    Kenyan songstress Shaniah Bito has released her second & latest love song tittled ‘Polepole’ which translates to ‘Slowly’ in the Swahili dialect.

    The song marks her second release after dropping her debut track tittled ‘Mkata’ in 2019 .Her love for music dates from childhood where she first discovered her love for music and utilised it by performing in church and recital of poems in primary schools However Shaniah Bito’s love for music was fueled more after she lost mother and its this sad event that re shaped her music career.

    Pole Pole follows the songstress as she opposes the notion that most people have lost love due to what they have over heard without even experiencing love & Relationships. She advices her audience to instead focus on building an d strengthening thier love life and give a deaf ear to hearsy that is based on rumours.

    Pole Pole has debuted on Shaniahs Bito YouTube channel
    Watch Pole Pole here ;


Timetope Joshua aka TB Joshua owns the world Christian synagogue megachurch that runs the Emmanuel Tv station that broadcast from Lagos Nigeria.

He had millions of influential members like Politicians, High Profile Personalities across the world.

Prophet TB Joshua is a know Televangelist and a Philanthropist. He has dies aged 57 years.

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