Why The World Will Mourn Late TB Joshua (RIP) 😭

Hey, the world is in shock and mourning mood.

Africa and the world is mourning for the death of a controversial preacher from Lagos Nigeria.

Prophet Temitope Joshua death was reported last night on Saturday but the cause of his death is yet unrevealed.

It’s said that Preacher and Televangelist Emmanuel Joshua had just had a short live broadcast before his death happened. He said, ” Watch and Pray”.

  • Five 5 Things To Do To A Slayqueen After Sleep Over! 🀣

    If you have an amazing night out with a Slayqueen and you would like to make her feel it, consider the following.

    This Nairobi and other big town ‘Lazy Ladies’ have a tendency of misusing men for their gains.

    After you get a chance to enjoy the night with her, my brother kindly let her go in peace.

    1. Give Her Pocket Money- Slayqueens most of them are lady and don’t strive for money through hard work but easy task of getting men’s attention. So, kindly make sure you get her at Ksh 200/ for her purse.
    2. Call Uber or Bike For Her – Since they are lazy, they have no enough to work long distances. Help her get home quickly if possible.
    3. Call To Confirm If She Arrived – After she has left, make sure you also confirm whether she got home safely. They are vulnerable objects!
    4. Now Ask Her How The ‘Game’ Was Over Night – You will have to confirm from her how you played the game over the night during the sleep over. If she confirms you are a hot dude, give cheers and shout outs to your self.
    5. Plan For The Next Sleep Over – My brother, if you still have guts to keep wasting your time and money, call her and make another sleep over deal. You will will stay broke!

    Do you have a Slayqueen my brother?πŸ˜‚

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  • Gisambai Ward Race 2022 πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

    Teddy Musumba is a young man with a great vision,he has the qualities of leadership.

    He is working towards winning the Gisambai ward MCA seat.

    Will he manage to outshine the incumbent Odei Erick who is also on the ground doing his best.

    He understand the game well,his strategy,his closeness to the people.

    Anyway as we all know, politics can’t be predicted easily.One day in politics has a vast impact,all I can say is that may the best candidate win,all of them are under 35,they are youths.

    So let them play the game,they have spectators,after 90 minutes we will know the winner coz the game can’t end without getting the winner.

    Opinion by agunda.wa.agunda

  • Why Bahati Is The King Of Record Breaking Kenya!πŸ˜‚

    The Kenyan music industry needs alot of creativity and clout chasing.You will see renowned artists talking about helping the upcoming artists but you won’t see them acting on the same.

    For instance,Willy Paul before letting us know about Klons and the girl he has signed,he had signed some two boys and even if am not wrong,they did a song which didn’t do well.

    Bahati on the other hand with his EMB signed Weezdom,later on differed with him then we see him back as his manager then before the album is out,Weezdom and Bahati part ways.

    Bahati started as a gospel artist but now he is a secular artist,his new album is doing well,he is now the king of record breaking.I can’t condemn him for joining the secular scene.

    I must applaud him,why?music is business,you must invest wisely,no one doesn’t want huge peofits.I guess in the secular scene there is more money.

    Let’s congratulate Bahati and wish him well.

  • Diamond Platnumz: “Ukizungua Ali Kiba Nakuzingua Mimi” 😎

    The so famous Wcb Wasafi boss Diamond Platnumz has made unexpected remarks about his music antagonist, Ali Kiba.

    The Kings Music founder and CEO, All Kiba has been said to be the only star and musician who has promoted the Swahili language internationally via his music.

    This comes after Diamond Platnumz had been asked by he has been promoting his new hashtag #SwahiliNation !

    Many people have much expectation that Diamond Platnumz will release his new music album soon since he hasn’t released any single song almost half a year now gone.

    Diamond Platnumz made it clear that he is ready to deal with anyone who will dare to interfere with their ‘Swahili Community’ people.

    “Akizungua Ali Kiba, Nakuzingua Mimi. Sisi jamiii ya waswahili yaani Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi kuna watu wanaozungumza Kiswahili na lazima tulinde kilichonyooka chetu haswa Muziki wetu” said Simba Diamond Platnumz.

    He is also expected to win the BET Award on this June 27th in Los Angeles America, since his Swahili Nation has been campaigning for him in all social media platforms.

    Do you think Diamond Platnumz will bring home the BET Award this year?πŸ†

    WATCH VIDEO: Christian Ronaldo’s Crazy Moments vs Germany Euro 2021!

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  • Zack Barasa To Rescue Bungoma County Employees!πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

    BUNGOMA County employees are all smiles after a prominent businessman Zack Barasa pledged to clear their arrears and pay upfront 2 months salaries.

    Excited employees who have gone without pay for the last two months say Zack Barasa is a miracle they have been waiting.

    Zack has received over 100 calls in the last 15 minutes from hungry employees who accuse Governor Wangamati of diverting their salaries to his failed mega projects.

    Zack has requested Finance CEC to furnish him with County Payroll so that he can release the case directly to their accounts.

    The moneyed contractor says after this, he will also pay casual workers who have stayed over 72 months without pay.

Timetope Joshua aka TB Joshua owns the world Christian synagogue megachurch that runs the Emmanuel Tv station that broadcast from Lagos Nigeria.

He had millions of influential members like Politicians, High Profile Personalities across the world.

Prophet TB Joshua is a know Televangelist and a Philanthropist. He has dies aged 57 years.

What do you think?

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