Why The World Will Mourn Late TB Joshua (RIP) 😭

Hey, the world is in shock and mourning mood.

Africa and the world is mourning for the death of a controversial preacher from Lagos Nigeria.

Prophet Temitope Joshua death was reported last night on Saturday but the cause of his death is yet unrevealed.

It’s said that Preacher and Televangelist Emmanuel Joshua had just had a short live broadcast before his death happened. He said, ” Watch and Pray”.

  • List Of Artist Who Have Switched From Gospel To Secular And Vice Versa! 🙆‍♂️

    Khalighraph Jones and Nyashinski Got Saved And Born Again!

    Nyashinski and Khalighraph Jones

    Music industry in Kenya is becoming unpredictable and anything is possible.

    While others are switching from Gospel music to secular music, some notable superstars in the mainstream secular music are crossing over to the salvation of their souls from eternal fire.

    It all started and trended with Bahati and Willy Paul when they launched their successful career but later they broke the news of breaching their gospel ministry to doing secular music.

    Others are kenyans kiiew of Wahu, Avril #Size 8
    On the other hand, Khalighraph Jones and Nyashinski have released a music collabo dubbed ‘Sifu Bwana’.

    In bongo Tanzania, Diamond Platnumz had started recording some gospel music as it is Revealed in his ‘Mama Samiah Suluhu’ song.

    Konde boy aka Harmonize could be making his way into gospel music as it is evidented in his new music video, ‘Huu Mwaka’

    Which other artist do you fell could be in the list of the those converting to secular or gospel music?!🤣

  • At least 8 People Have Lost Their Lives At Afcon And Several Hospitalized

    It is so painful to lose people because of something that can be avoided easily, the government of Cameroon has failed the citizens.

    Cameroon is hosting the 2022 African Cup of Nations. It has been smooth sailing all through the group stages, with just a few minor hiccups in the plan.

    However, this harmony was interupted on Sunday evening, before the hosts played Comoros.

    Cameroon was to play Comoros at the Olembe Stadium in the capital, Yaoundé. The match, kicking off at 1900 GMT, was a crows puller.

    Thousands of fans turned up a few hours before the match. This led to a scramble for seats, creating mass hysteria.

    Bodies of the victims

    The crowd started surging forward in an effort to get to the best seats. This created a big stampede.

    It led to the deaths of at least 8 people, according to CNN. More than 40 people, including women and children were hospitalized.

    It was consolation to the host nation, though, as the hosts Cameroon managed to scrap out a 2-1 win against a brilliant but covid-ravaged Comoros.

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  • “Vaccinated People Will Die In Two Years Time” A Former Nurse And Anti – Vaccine Activist Kate Shemiran Says

    A chair lady by the name of Kate Shemirani revolted of New York City to share the ahead of time dark real factors seeing the current pandemic known as COVID-19, similarly as the immunizations.

    She is an orderly from the United States of America who is a candid opponent of vaccinations.

    She revealed the mysterious arrangement that was driving the COVID-19 pandemic, similarly as the mystery plan that was driving the COVID-19 antibodies.

    She acknowledges and confirms that COVID-19 is a man-made contamination with a singular target: to kill and take out the countries where it is conveyed.

    As she might want to think, it is a strategy for diminishing the overpopulation of people in different countries at the same time, which she acknowledges is fruitful.

    The nurse

    Also, she acknowledges and expresses that the COVID-19 antibodies are an end weapon that adds to the issue of people decline.

    She affirms that antibodies are comparatively expected to kill rather than to save lives, and she continues to communicate that all of the people who have been vaccinated have just two years to live resulting to getting the inoculation.

    She reveals that others may bite the dust before the two-year time period is up, while others may kick the bucket later. Overall, nonetheless, obviously every person who has been immunized will fail miserably.

    It was then she continued to say that the vaccinations are moreover a piece of the 5G issue that has been standing apart as genuinely newsworthy in the media all through ongoing months.

    Others, of course, may not really accept that a word she says, in any case the way that she says it. In any case, I, taking everything into account, believe her.

    A post on social media

    In view of the way that I required some venture to research and separate the thing is as of now happening in the world, particularly in South Africa.

    By a wide margin the majority of individuals who are giving are the people who went to get vaccinated.

    What is the legitimization behind this? By a long shot the greater part of the people who become tainted with this contamination are individuals who went to get vaccinated regardless.

    Have you anytime tended to why anything like this is happening? Taking everything into account, I did, and I as of now see a persuading inspiration to recognize her on each point.

    What’s more I, all things considered, will not get vaccinated later on.

    As a peruser, what are your thoughts on the current situation? What are your thoughts with respect to this?

    Would you say that she is telling the truth or that she is lying? Would you say that you acknowledge her or that you don’t confide in her?

  • Class Teacher Commits Suicide After Being Cought Red Handed With A Form Two Girl In Bed(Yala)

     A high School teacher from Yala Sub-county has committed suicide after he was caught red-handed in bed with a Form Two student.

    The teacher in question is a class teacher to the form two girl. According to the girl’s statement it seems this wasn’t the first time.

    According to media report, seen Calvin Kisianga Okello who was the girl’s class teacher, said to have hanged himself using a rope after reportedly defiling her the previous day.

    The victim’s parents told the police that it was few minutes before the beginning of the evening classes, that the suspect beckoned and asked to see the victim after the evening classes.

    Without hesitating, the victim went to see her as earlier agreed, and the teacher told her that she wanted to talk to her privately.

    A post on Facebook

    Since she had no time because of busy schedule, she proposed to meet her outside schools’ dormitory near the main entrance to dinning Hall.

    The alleged teacher found the girl already standing beside the main entrance to the Hall, where she pulled, and force her to have an act repeatedly in school’s dormitory bed.

    The girl’s parents also said their daughter told them that the suspect has been persuading her to have a sexual relationship with him for months, but she has been declining his advances.

    She, however, decided to reveal the matter after the teacher beat her to unconsciousness before being rushed to a hospital.

    “He wanted to touch my breasts and I defended myself with the hand, and he hit me,” she said.

    Following the incident, the teacher asked her not to report the issue to her parents. She, however, opened up about her troubles after her mother noticed she was in pain and had sustained injuries in her arms from the teacher’s beatings.

    “The teacher had threatened to kill the girl and this instilled fear in her, hence forcing her to keep quiet with her pain,” one of the family members told the media.

  • TBT: “And oh, the black wins the gold” legendary George Weah on racism stigma!

    George Weah” I am never proud of the Ballon d’Or award since I won it and I suffer from racism in Europe!! 🔥
    I remember the headline of the front page of La Gazzetta dello Sport in the broad heading the next day, “And oh, the black wins the gold” 🔥

    George Weah

    Even inside Milan, they were making fun of me and Africa, repeating at every opportunity, “Did you sell it to buy them bread”!!

    Drogba won everything with Chelsea, Eto’o won everything with Barca and Inter, but did they give them gold? No…why?…because they do not have the humanity to give gold to black Africans!! 🔥

    Gold is not a ball that is given to the best… Real gold is to be a good-hearted person and does not hurt the feelings of others. The truth is that they own racism but not humanity!! 🔥

Timetope Joshua aka TB Joshua owns the world Christian synagogue megachurch that runs the Emmanuel Tv station that broadcast from Lagos Nigeria.

He had millions of influential members like Politicians, High Profile Personalities across the world.

Prophet TB Joshua is a know Televangelist and a Philanthropist. He has dies aged 57 years.

What do you think?

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