Nyota Ndogo’s Baby Daddy Mzungu Gets Back, Nyota Ndogo Reveals It All! 😍

After several weeks of panic and depression, Nyota Ndogo has something to smile about.

On her social media platforms, Nyota Ndogo shared a lovely message and good news to herself and his friends and family after her baby daddy Mzungu gets back.

According to Nyota Ndogo, she had deceived her husband that she had got pregnancy on the April’s Fools Day and that what cut short their relationship and communication since then.

She has been receiving blue ticks from her baby daddy whenever she tired to communicate with him via WhatsApp message without reply.

“I Miss You My Wife” he commented her Mzungu after Nyota Ndogo had send him greetings yesterday at night .

Here below is the screenshot of what transpired between them..

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