Why France President Emmanuel Macron Slapped In PublicπŸ‘‹πŸ˜­

Why is the France president Mr Emmanuel Macron slapped in public?

So far two people are reported to have been arrested following the physical assault of the French president Emmanuel Macron.

The incident occurred today on Tuesday while the President and his administration had paid a visit to Southeastern part of France .

A bystander I’m the crowd emerged and immediately was heard making noise as if he was angry with the President before he landed his slap on Macron’s face. Immediately, the president’s security took up the man and safety the President from any other kind of assault that could erupt.

The French president had just got of the professional highschool that is designed to offer hospitality courses before he met unknown man who slap him.

It’s said that Mr Macron was on his tour to the southeast part of France to meet members of public after the end of locked down caused by Covid 19 pandemic and business operations had resumed normally whereby schools, restaurants, industries are opened up again.


It’s reported that village mayor’s, politicians are receiving physical assault, death threats from members of public I’m France as they seek democracy.

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