Ronaldo’s Gesture Causes Coca Cola Company Drop In Market Value Immediately! πŸ€”

Portuguese super football player has caused a drop of Coca Cola company market share value.

During a Euro 2020 press conference, Cristiano Ronaldo pushed away two Coca Cola beverage bottles away off the cameras in an indication that the soft drinks have a huge negative effects to human health. Instead, Ronaldo was seen holding a water bottle that he prefers to Coca Cola carbonated soft drinks.

Coca Cola company being one of the main official sponsors of ongoing Euro 2020, Rinaldo’s gesture made the company get a $4 Billion Dollars immediately after the gesture.

The company share price wend down from $ 56.1 to $55.2 USD hence its marketing share value had a 1.6% dip since it dropped from $242 billion to $238 billion.

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Written by Antony Makenzi

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