Five 5 Things To Do To A Slayqueen After Sleep Over! 不

If you have an amazing night out with a Slayqueen and you would like to make her feel it, consider the following.

This Nairobi and other big town ‘Lazy Ladies’ have a tendency of misusing men for their gains.

After you get a chance to enjoy the night with her, my brother kindly let her go in peace.

  1. Give Her Pocket Money- Slayqueens most of them are lady and don’t strive for money through hard work but easy task of getting men’s attention. So, kindly make sure you get her at Ksh 200/ for her purse.
  2. Call Uber or Bike For Her – Since they are lazy, they have no enough to work long distances. Help her get home quickly if possible.
  3. Call To Confirm If She Arrived – After she has left, make sure you also confirm whether she got home safely. They are vulnerable objects!
  4. Now Ask Her How The ‘Game’ Was Over Night – You will have to confirm from her how you played the game over the night during the sleep over. If she confirms you are a hot dude, give cheers and shout outs to your self.
  5. Plan For The Next Sleep Over – My brother, if you still have guts to keep wasting your time and money, call her and make another sleep over deal. You will will stay broke!

Do you have a Slayqueen my brother?

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Written by Antony Makenzi

Antony Makenzi is a content writer who has sharpened his skills and absorbed knowledge on Financial freedom, Wealth, Making Money Online and development of a mindset!


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