Gisambai Ward Race 2022 πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

Teddy Musumba is a young man with a great vision,he has the qualities of leadership.

He is working towards winning the Gisambai ward MCA seat.

Will he manage to outshine the incumbent Odei Erick who is also on the ground doing his best.

He understand the game well,his strategy,his closeness to the people.

Anyway as we all know, politics can’t be predicted easily.One day in politics has a vast impact,all I can say is that may the best candidate win,all of them are under 35,they are youths.

So let them play the game,they have spectators,after 90 minutes we will know the winner coz the game can’t end without getting the winner.

Opinion by agunda.wa.agunda

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Written by Antony Makenzi

Antony Makenzi is a content writer who has sharpened his skills and absorbed knowledge on Financial freedom, Wealth, Making Money Online and development of a mindset!


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