Agunda And Mwenesi Political Differences Resolved?! 😎

Agunda wa Agunda has the spirit of defiance,he doesn’t do charity stuffs as far as politics is concerned, he had decided to go back to his home county and play his political games there.Our sources revealed to us that Agunda is a young entrepreneur,he founded vagunda agency and property Managers. No sooner had he settled fully than he was called back to Nairobi with a friend who own a certain primary school. It is stated that Agunda is soon sealing a deal with the school. And that shows that Vagunda agency and property managers soon may be hiring one or two.

Anyway we asked him now that he has decided to call UDA his home,is he ready to work with the Vihiga county coordinator now that they are under one party. He said, “I am focusing with Kawangware Ward and Dagoretti North constituency at large,just to answer you,we differed with Mwenesi Jackline Lukalo on personal issues,not political issues,am ready to work with her on matters politics. Nothing much.”

Does it mean that Agunda and Mwenesi will be settling out there differences?

Then if that is the case, there is no permanent friendship or enmity in politics.

All the best Agunda.

What do you think?

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