Video: Diamond Platnumz Nicknamed The ‘African Michael Jackson!’🦁

This more than the ‘Game of Thrones’.

The Boy From Tandale is rocking the world with his great music journey.

Just after missing to bring home the BET Awards 2021, he has another major comeback.

He has been reported to in USA for while till he finishes his music album.

Simba, the super representative of the Swahili Nation, has been Nick Named as the ‘African Michael Jackson’.

Together with The Real Swizz, Bustar Rythmes,Otgenasis,Hitmaka and other relevant celebrities in American music industry, they have been spotted in a studio whereby the are said to be working for a collaboration.

Bustar Rythmes via video, he is clearly seen together with Diamond Platnumz where he calls him ‘Michael Jackson Of Africa’.

Bustar Rythmes is an American based legendary rapper who has done great work like his collabo featuring Chris Brown and Lil Wayne, ‘Look At Me Now’.

Do you think Diamond Platnumz has reached the levels that the late Michael Jackson managed?

Watch the video they recorded all together in the Swizz Beatz Studios America.


What do you think?

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